NFTs For Social Impact 
All this talk about the Metaverse. But what about the real world? AVARAVERSE bridges this chasm and connects the untold possibilities of the Metaverse with real world issues facing our planet.

AVARAVERSE NFTs brings endangered animals to life through the magic of Augmented Reality. Smart contract provisions direct funds to wildlife preservation efforts so that each transaction makes an impact. We aren't just creating NFTs. We are creating real change.


Our vision is Building Better Worlds


An entirely new dimension of NFTs 
Not just NFTs. A membership to become a
world changer

NFTs that depict a story about human influence 
Beautiful art pieces. Impactful stories. Ours are no ordinary NFTs.  


Human appetite for natural resources that results in anthroturbation


Oil Slick

Our endless need for oil and the environmental impact to extract it


Ancient Wood

Old-growth logging that is destroying ancient forests at an unprecedented pace